Self-Direction Advocates.

Wisconsin's Department of Health Services has withdrawn its plan to move Wisconsin's long-term care system into a for-profit insurance model. IRIS, the self-directed long-term care program for adults with disabilities and older adults with long-term care needs has been saved! However, the work of Save IRIS is not done. Our state and federal legislators need to hear that it is critical that any future plans to change long-term care involve stakeholders in all steps of planning. We have great ideas and are invested in a cost-effective, person-centered, and sustainable system. 
IRIS is Wisconsin's self-directed, community- based, long-term care program for adults with disabilities & older adults with long-term care needs. People using IRIS have the flexibility to self-direct their plan within an authorized budget based upon identified needs and outcomes. ​

About IRIS "Include, Respect, I Self-Direct"


"SAVE IRIS" needs your help. Although IRIS has been saved,  we need to be certain it is never threatened again. Governor Evers and legislators need to learn more about self-direction and why it is so important to the people of Wisconsin. Please share your individual stories with legislators.  

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“Save IRIS, Wisconsin's Self-Direction Advocates” is a non-partisan grassroots movement dedicated to preserving and promoting self-direction in Wisconsin. 

Save IRIS was started by IRIS participants and their allies with a focus on preserving the IRIS program which was eliminated in Wisconsin's 2015-2017 Budget. As of 6/9/2016, the state is no longer moving to the for-profit insurance model. Efforts continue by Save IRIS to work with policymakers to make improvements to our current system.